Rainy Day Baking

One thing that has been more difficult with two kids is finding time to do things with just my toddler. He often has to wait while I change or feed the baby and as much as he loves his brother I know he misses our bonding time. He likes when he and I do a project together, just the two of us. Thankfully the baby is a good napper and gives us time to do things like painting or baking which would otherwise be much messier with a baby in the mix.

Today it poured all day long (as usual) and we got some quality time in baking chocolate chip cookies. He certainly got his sweet tooth from his mama and this secret recipe is foolproof. He loves helping me bake, he pulls a chair up to the counter and helps me stir and measure things. (Btw I don’t let him near the mixer when its running because its strong enough to hurt tiny fingers, it was turned off and unplugged for these.)

He helped me get all of the ingredients out and taste to make sure we did it right. He even helped me fill the sink with soapy water and splash around, still working on the cleanup aspect but we’ll get there. His favorite part is checking to see if they are done which is the longest 10 minutes of his life! But crunchy outside, chewy inside cookies are always worth the wait. Love this boy.

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