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I love getting questions and comments from my readers so don’t be shy! My social media accounts are the fastest way to stay updated on my life and latest blog posts.

At this time I am open to collaborations, sponsored posts, and lookbook shoots. If you are local to Portland or will be passing through and want to shoot me in your clothes or send me things to shoot in let me know! If you are interested in being featured on my instagram or blog just call me, beep me if you wanna reach me. Actually it’s best if you send me an email ( or DM me on the gram.

Email me to find out what events, trips, major changes are coming up in my life and to find out how you can be part of it.

Instagram is my most used social media because I can interact with my readers and followers directly. I like answering questions and responding to comments. It’s great for posting photos and Instastories which are so quick and easy. I also love that I can “meet” and keep up with so many cool people on there!

I use Facebook to stay up to date with people and also manage my blog’s Facebook page. This is an easy place to see when my new blog posts go live as well as sneak-peeks to upcoming posts and giveaways. It looks professional I guess.

Funny story, when I first got twitter I thought it was just for ordering food (like what UrberEATS is now) and I tried to order a pizza and they said NO! Too funny! I still don’t quite understand twitter because no one will teach me.

I’ve been using Pinterest since back when you had to apply for it and wait for the email invite months later. Yeah, that long. I love finding new recipes and craft inspirations to try or fun hairstyles to recreate.

I do provide links to affiliate sites (mainly ShopStyle) on many of my pages, I do receive some compensation when you click through the links I provide and make a purchase but I really use the links for your convenience. There is nothing more annoying than seeing an item you love with no link to it and having to hunt it down! From time to time I do receive products free of charge for reviewing purposes. I will only recommend products I use/have used and recommend clothes I wear/actually would wear. I want to be able to honestly recommend products to my viewers so all opinions expressed in my posts are strictly my own.