7 Days of Perfect Hair

I love a good blowout but I do not have the time or patience to do it more than once or twice a week. I would love to be one of those women who can have her hair washed and styled by someone every week but I’m not. I worked really hard with my stylist to learn to give my hair an amazing blowout at home and find products that worked best for me.

I wash my hair two or three times a week which sounds crazy but its not, I still shower daily I just don’t get my hair wet. It’s always better for your hair not to wash it every day, washing it strips your hair of its natural oils which are responsible for making it shiny and lustrous. If you wash it too often your scalp will overproduce oil to try to counteract the dryness which makes everything worse. Going a few days between washes makes your hair healthier and you go through less product. If you’re someone who is used to washing your hair every day it can take a couple of weeks for your hair to settle into being washed less often but its totally worth it in the end so don’t give up.

I normally wash my hair on day 1 and day 4 but if I’ve gotten my hair professionally done or if the weather has been cooperative I can stretch it all 7 days. I’ve put together my favorite products to help you do it.

Day 1: I shampoo and condition my hair using shampoo that is sulphate-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. If I plan to make my hair last all week I will shampoo twice or ask my stylist to. I blowout my hair with heat styling spray and a round brush careful to avoid getting any near my scalp. I then style my hair with no products, you risk your hair getting build-up and going flat faster before your next wash. Keep your hands out of your hair!

Day 2: On day two my hair usually looks just as good as day one but if, and only if, it lacks some volume I will bust out a dry texturizing spray to add some volume and hold without taking away the natural shine my hair has. I spray this on an inch or two from my roots careful to avoid my scalp.

Day 3: Hello dry shampoo! Investing in a good dry shampoo makes all the difference between major white residue and a perfect hairdo. I have black hair so I’ve tried a hundred different sprays before I found ones I liked that didn’t leave any residue. Wash your hands with soap before applying your dry shampoo, trust me its worth mentioning. Spritz sparingly and the flip your hair over and massage the product into your scalp with clean hands until its completely dry. This adds some volume and texture to your hair while taking care of any excess oil.

Day 4: If you’ve made it this far you’re doing great, just keep up with the dry shampoo from here on out. Dry shampoo is a staple at this point but I like to add in dry conditioner too. It’s not necessary but it makes me feel way more refreshed than I really am when my hair smells clean especially if I’m trying to make my hair last all week.

Day 5: I like to use a beach spray or sea salt spray at this point and add a few random wavy curls. It’s a great way to mask hair thats going limp and also the salt spray tends to add natural volume without adding more product near your scalp. After stealing, lift sections of hair and spritz on the underside of each section avoiding your scalp and then blow dry it dry. I’m a big fan of the tousled beach hair look.

Day 6: This is when I give up and put my hair up. Braids are your best friend at this point because they work well with the texture you’ve got going on and hold a lot better than with freshly washed hair. I try to keep my hair off of my face at this point because I have such sensitive skin that will breakout from the products and oil.

Day 7: Wash your hair! If I’ve made it a whole week you are amazing and you deserve an extra long shower and your hair deserves a nice scalp massage.


Here is my tried and true product list.


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