Aveda Overnight Wedding Masque Review

It only took 2 months for this package to get here, the original label got wet and was unreadable so it sat in the post office forever. Oh well, at least its here now.

Aveda generously sent me their new Tulasara Wedding Masque and Tulasara Eye Masque to try out a few weeks ago. They have been one of my favorite skincare lines for years because they use amazing, high quality ingredients in their luxurious products. The price has always been a little steep for me to make it part of my daily skincare routine so I was very excited to be able to try out some of their products.

The overnight masque is a rich creme treatment packed with potent botanicals and floral extracts for brighter, firmer skin. It melts into your skin and works is magic as you sleep. You will notice results right away that will increase over time with continued use.

The Tulasara masque is inspired by the Haldi ceremony in India where a turmeric paste is applied the night before the wedding for radiant skin. Turmerics health benefits have been known for thousands of years and remain sacred. It has been used to cure common ailments like coughs and colds when ingested and even speed up the recovery of burns and reduce scarring when applied topically. It is a natural antiseptic known for its ability to reduce dark spots, scars, fine lines while leaving the skin radiant and glowing.

This masque and eye masque are incredible. Seriously you guys, even if they hadn’t sent me these I would still be crazy about them. I’ve been using them 3-4 times a week for about a month now and I have seen a dramatic change in how bright and radiant my skin looks and a reduction in the severity of my dark circles. My dark circles are something I’m pretty self conscious about so finding a product that helps diminish their appearance naturally is a major win!

Before bed I wash my face well using a gentle cleanser and my Clarisonic brush. Once a week I use my PMD to resurface my skin and promote cell renewal. I apply the masque and massage it into my skin and neck paying special attention to the pressure points by my temples and third eye, per their recommendations. It’s so soothing and releases any tension I am carrying with me to bed. If Ben catches me doing it he insists that I do it to his face as well because it feels so good, thats about as high of a praise as you can get from him.

When I wake up in the morning my face feels so bright and radiant. I don’t wash my face, I just rinse it in warm water to remove any excess oils and things because I don’t want to scrub away any of that glow.


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