BumpDate: 28 Weeks

It’s been a while since I did an update so I thought it would be good to write a few things down.


How far along am? I’m now 28 weeks which means the second trimester is over and I’m about to get really huge really fast.


How am I feeling? I felt great for the entire second trimester, I had a ton of energy and was hungry all the time, but the day I hit 28 weeks my energy took a nosedive. I feel like I could nap on cue. I’ve gained almost 20 pounds now (yikes!) which my doc says is right on track for what she wants me to gain since I started out underweight again (double yikes). I’m still doing barre about 3 days a week with some HIIT worked in but I’m definitely noticing a major change in my weight gain since I hit third trimester. I also stopped running early on this pregnancy. I was previously running a few miles a several times a week but since getting pregnant I’ve had pretty horrible pelvic pain every time I run. It’s been hell not being able to run especially since we now live by this beautiful sprawling park with a few miles of paved trails.

I’m starting to feel a little more of those typical third trimester aches and discomforts. I have terrible pelvic pain from hormones making everything relax and the bone in the front separating in preparation for this little ones arrival. I’ve also been having some lower back pain by the end of the day which means I get to beg for back rubs and no one can’t say no to the excuse “I’m growing a tiny human.” I’ve been told to try a belly support band so if anyone has any recommendations leave them below in the comments, pleeeeeaaase!

My sense of smell exploded this trimester! I can smell when our neighbor across the street puts out cat food in their garage, no joke. I’ve also had a weird taste in my mouth which makes things taste really bad but doesn’t decrease my appetite.



What am I eating? As I said before I have been hungry 24/7 since the second trimester started so I eat everything in sight. I’ve been craving a lot of fresh fruit and as usual so I try to keep the house stocked with plenty of healthy snacks. This is the perfect time to be craving fruit since it’s all coming into season and I can have my picks of sweet strawberries and super fragrant white nectarines every day. I’ve eating pretty healthy but I’ve definitely been indulging more lately because why not! I’ve got a post going up about what I eat on any given day with some of my favorite meal prep recipes.

What’s new? The belly is getting big fairly quickly and it looks even bigger this time because the muscles have already been stretched. I’m having a really hard time fitting into clothes. I need to just suck it up and buy real maternity clothes but it’s so hard for me to shop for myself knowing that I will wear them for a few more months. I’ve been putting it off partly because I wasn’t ready to admit how big my belly is because then I have to think about how quickly this has flown by. I haven’t seen any stretch marks yet but my linea nigra is starting to show.

I’ve been feeling a ton of movement from this little monkey in my belly who is constantly flipping over and kicking and sticking little knees and feet out. It still trips me out to see little body parts sliding around under my skin but its a good reminder that this little one is getting strong.

I am DYING to know who is in this belly but so far I go back and forth between boy and girl. With my son I knew as soon as we saw his face on the ultrasound and there was never a doubt in my mind that he was a boy. I had dreams about him and of his face as an older child before we found out he was a boy so I knew going into the anatomy scan that he’d be a boy. This time around I have no idea! I guess I’ve been more wrapped up in our big move and adjusting to a new state to really pay attention to my dreams.

What am I planning? We’ve started talking about the birth process and I have to say I’m way more nervous this time around. I’m more worried about the logistical aspect of juggling who will have our toddler and how things will go with work schedules than the actual birth, I’m a planner. I’ve got a date set to take a tour of the birthing center of the hospital nearby which should solidify my plans or at least help me worry less. I won’t go into WHY I’m choosing a hospital birth this time over a free standing birth center/midwife that we went with this time because this post would be super long.

The nursery is proving to be difficult since I’m dying to decorate like crazy but don’t know who this little one is yet. I’ve got some neutrals picked out that I’ll be putting together and adding to later on.


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