BumpDate: 33 Weeks

I can’t believe its been over a month since I last did an update. Third trimester is well under way and I’m trying to spend these last few weeks with my toddler soaking in time with him being an only child. I know as soon as the baby comes he will grow up so fast and I don’t want to lose a second of him still being my baby. Ps. I’ve uploaded a ton of outfit photos to a separate post because I’ve been so behind.


How am I feeling?

I’m feeling alright. My energy is continuing to decrease and this hot, humid weather is not helping at all. Even when I’m well rested I feel like I could nap all day and I have to make plans just to get myself out of the house and functioning. I’ve started feeling some round ligament pain which I haven’t felt until now. Baby’s head is starting to wedge into my pelvis which I know is a good sign but it makes getting up from a seated or laying down position very awkward.

I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions for a while now but now and then I get a painful one. It’s almost always from doing something stupid like running after the toddler too fast or getting dehydrated and then chugging ice water, or eating food thats too spicy. They last for about a minute and hurt bad enough to make me lay down in the fetal position and question why I ever agreed to go through this again, but then they pass and I’m back to normal.

Every day is pretty much a “Sweat pants are all the fits me right now.” kind of day but it’s the middle of the summer so I can’t even do that. Every time I leave the house it takes me three times as long to get dressed because I go through this routine where I think just *maaayyybbeee* something still fits me. I’m down to maternity shorts, my favorite Target maternity tanks  which are identical to the favorite tank but with a few extra inches of fabric at the bottom, and a couple of dresses.


What am I eating?

Everything. We’ve had various family members in town for the last month and they have been spoiling us rotten by not letting us do much home cooking. It was nice not to cook but I feel like I’ve gained so much weight in the last two weeks alone. Today was the first time I’ve grocery shopped in weeks and it feels really good to get back on track with eating healthy.

I’ve gained almost 25 pounds now, due in part to having family here all month and just eating whatever whenever because everyone’s a foodie and has to eat every two hours. I started out this pregnancy weighing a lot more than I did with my first one because I was actually going to the gym regularly and eating really healthy. I started out at a good BMI this time so although I’ll get close to weighing the same at the end of this pregnancy as I did the first time around I’m a lot healthier. I haven’t had any carpal tunnel, back pain, joint pain, or swelling that I had before. I was healthier to begin with and I’ve felt that pay off in a big way.


What’s new?

We have had both Ben’s parents and my parents visit in the last month which was a lot of fun but also very stressful. We did a lot of exploring with them but also had some time just to hang out and catch up. Because of my major lack of energy it was rough to entertain for so long without burning out and I think I slept for 24 hours straight after each visit was over.IMG_1066

I am now officially on weekly visits to my midwife. Because our first baby was two weeks early there is a chance this baby could be the same way. We want to be as prepared as we can possibly be for his/her arrival as well as establish a relationship with the midwives in the short couple of months we have with them before baby’s arrival. Moving halfway through this pregnancy and then switching care providers at the last minute has put a rush on things but I feel like we made the right choice.

I toured the hospital which was nice but I couldn’t shake the feeling that it wasn’t the right place for us, I just wasn’t buying it when they talked about being open to different types of births. So I made some calls and ended up getting a tour at a water birth center right near the hospital. Despite looking a Waldorf kindergarten paradise it was beautiful. The private suites were immaculate and spacious with these huge birthing tubs you could float a small elephant in. Everything was open and light with these great big windows that look out onto a marshland/lake. It seemed like everyone in the office was very warm and caring which was more what we were looking for.


What am I planning?

The nursery is still giving me a hard time but I’ve got some time to get it decorated. We have all the furniture up and put together so the basics are covered and once we know who this little one is I can get to really decorating. We are planning to co-sleep for the first couple of months again because I’m planning to nurse exclusively for the first couple of months again. It just makes it so easy to roll over and feed the baby and not get up and trudge all the way upstairs half delirious with sleep deprivation.

People keep asking me what my plans are surrounding a baby shower and I feel so bad saying that I’m not having one. I’ve been told that “baby sprinkles”, or light showers (get it?), can be a fun way to celebrate without doing the crazy gift thing but since we moved so far away its impossible to even organize something like that. It’s a little bit sad that I won’t get to see everyone before baby arrives but we are hoping to celebrate with everyone after s/he gets here and we can make a trip down to California.


What Am I Struggling With?

I’m really struggling to stay focused on this blog. This entire pregnancy has really set me back in a lot of ways because it happened a lot sooner than we intended it to. I know once things are less crazy I can fit back into normal clothes things will be a lot easier to get back on track. I had all these plans for fun posts but they’ve all turned into baby related posts.

We are having a really hard time with names. Partly because we don’t know if this baby is a boy or girl, although we are leaning one direction, and partly because we have ruled out names that start with the letter “B” because I will NOT be one of those Kardashian-esque families whose kids all have the same first letter to their name. Just no.

It’s hard having no resources here or a group of ladies to rely on for recommendations for things like birth centers and pediatricians. Back home I had my go-to girls who I trusted for their opinions because they have similar values surrounding parenting and life in general which was a lifesaver. But here I’ve felt really isolated and like I haven’t quite found my niche. I feel like an outsider even in the moms groups, it’s like I’ve got a neon sign that says “Californian” which makes people wary of me. I’m nice, I swear!


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