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I am always getting questions about my haircare and what my secrets are. You might remember this post from a few weeks back when I was talking about my Irresistible Me hair extensions. It’s no secret that I don’t have the thickest hair and using extensions sometimes can add some much needed volume, they are great to play with for special occasions or hairstyles that require a decent amount of hair: braids. I thought I’d share my experience with Irresistible Me as well as how I care for my extensions.


My Experience

Ordering was so easy, I talked to a rep beforehand to make sure I got the correct color and length which I highly recommend. I chose from the Silky Touch Collection which are 100% human hair. My hair is a really dark brown-almost black with a couple of leftover highlights from before I was pregnant, I had planned to have them taken out beforehand but now that I’m already pregnant I’m a little wary of the chemicals in the dye. Natural Black in 18″ 200g was the perfect fit for me and my needs. They are done by weight so regardless of the length all of the extensions in each weight bracket weigh the same. The weight just refers to how much hair you want, I have thin hair so I chose the biggest weight but I don’t use it all at once all the time.

IrresistibleMe length

They arrived promptly and in a sealed bag with a tamper proof seal. They give you a small weft outside of the seal to test length and color to make sure you got the right one. The Irresistible Me website has a ton of different how-to videos and they are always available to answer questions which made a big difference for me. I like to know that brands want to continue to help their customers after checkout. I found a lot of style ideas on their site as well as their Instagram page.



Putting in my clip-in extensions is really as easy as 1-2-3 for a day to day look. I wash and dry my hair as usual. Because I don’t wash my extensions very often they stay styled a lot longer and don’t need to be re-curled every day. The easiest way to blend them is when your hair isn’t stick straight, curls and waves tend to hide any discrepancies and make it all appear natural. I have worn them with my hair straight but I prefer the look and feel of wavy/loose curls.

To install the actual extensions I part my hair from the bottom of one ear to the other and clip the top half up so none of the hair above it gets stuck in the clips. Then I position a 3-clip weft a little bit below my parted line and clip it in, I clip the second 3-clip weft directly over it. I let my hair down and part it again an inch or so up, closer to the tops of my ears, and clip the top half up. Then I clip in two rows of 2-clip wefts (2 below, two on top) for a total of 4 wefts overlapping if I necessary to keep them hidden. That gives me great volume for wearing my hair down or braiding. If I know I need a little more extra volume in certain places I use the 1-clip wefts and strategically place them to be hidden by my hair. Some braids require a weft or two hidden in them for length and fullness and I like that I can move my extensions around when I need to or to hide them better. They key to to use the top part of your hair to cover the clips so it looks natural.



Caring for your extensions is pretty easy if you follow a few basic rules and use high quality products. I’ve listed my favorite products which includes a sulphate-free, phthalate-free shampoo that works amazing on my extensions.

1) Avoid the wind and any kind of smoke. It will make your extensions so gross and smell horrible.

2) Don’t wash them too often. I know this sounds gross but unless they absolutely need to be washed over washing will make them wear out faster. Irresistible Me recommends washing them after every 10th wear to prevent product and oil buildup. I wash mine maybe once a month and lay them flat on a towel to dry, you might be tempted to use a hairdryer but don’t!

3) Don’t heat style them often. This one is tricky because obviously you need them to match your hairstyle. The first rule is don’t blow dry them. I know you might want to but they hold up so much better if you allow them to air dry. What I do is I curl them after washing them because I normally wear my hair wavy or with loose curls which stills works well for braiding. They hold heat styling a lot longer than natural hair so they stay styled for weeks if stored properly.

4) Don’t try to alter them at home. 100% human hair extensions can be colored to match your latest hairstyle. Please do not try to color them at home unless you are a qualified stylist and have the means to do them right. Always take them with you to your hair appointment and have your girl (or guy) do them for you so that they match perfectly and look natural. Leave the cutting and coloring to the professionals.

5) Store them properly. Again this seems really obvious but I’ve had a few nights where I just want to stuff them in a drawer and forget about them, you need to follow the instructions on how to store them or they will fall apart.


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