Friday Favorites: Fall Manis

As the weather turns from scorching summer days to crisp autumn mornings your neon manis need a fall-appropriate update. I’ve put together a little post of my favorite manicure colors for this season along with my top picks and a budget friendly version of each. Each photos is linked to its origin if you want to check out more from these ladies.


The Naked Mani:

This sheer, pinky-neutral color trend is so elegant and simple. Similar to the idea of the french manicure, it plays highlights the shape and shine of your nail in a much more natural way. It aims to give your nails a healthy pink tone while hiding minor discoloration and to emphasize naturally lighter tips. It’s my go to mani because it looks natural and polished without being flashy. My favorite shade is Mademoiselle by Essie which is a subtle, sheer pink and looks gorgeous with just two coats. Zoya makes a BEAUTIFUL four piece starter set that is made specifically for this make manicure look. The best part is that they are all 5-free!



The Burgundy Mani:

Hello 90s vamp-glam! Talk about fashion trends coming back into style, this is one trend I am all for. Sorry, but I will never wear those plastic choker necklaces from the quarter machines ever again. The same goes for Birkenstocks and mom jeans, hell to the no! I’m sure you’ve seen this color a lot because its been showing up all over the beauty scene lately. Dior Vernis Gel Shine & Long Wear Nail Lacquer in Nuit is probably my all time favorite. It’s a gorgeous almost-black deep burgundy red. It reminds me of vintage velvet. For a budget friendly option I’m loving Bordeaux by Essie, its a twist on the classic red that is darker and more refined. It looks best with several layers so that its dark enough to just be subtly red.


The Fall Neutral Mani:

I’m most excited about this color because it’s just so different than anything I was wearing over the summer. For me, this category covers deep neutrals and dusty colors that are unexpectedly simple and modern. Taupes, grays, darker nudes, and dusty rose. Berlin There Done That by OPI is the one I’m currently wearing and its this luxurious deep taupe. I’ve talked about it before in this post of my favorite nudes and neutrals. Also loving Angora Cardi by Essie with a matte top coat which gives the dusty rose color a muted, modern look. So pretty!


Leave your favorite shades in the comments! I’m looking to try new ones:)

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