Half-Up Top Knot With Aveda

Aveda sent me some products from their new Pramasana collection. It is a scalp care collection packed with botanicals and is derived from 96% natural ingredients. For me that’s a big selling point because you are getting a high concentration of beneficial ingredients instead of fillers. I received the purifying scalp cleanser and protective scalp concentrate to help care for the skin on my scalp which is the base of beautiful, healthy hair. I personally love the way it smells. My mom was one of those super crunchy moms and self-proclaimed “aging hippie” so the grapefruit, neroli, and cypress in it smell like home to me.

The purifying scalp cleanser strips away oil build up and product residue for a healthier scalp which in turn makes for healthier hair. It balances sebum levels which keep the scalp from overproducing oils making your hair last longer between washes. It is meant to be the first step in the hair cleansing regimen before shampoo and conditioner.

The protective scalp concentrate is applied to a damp scalp after getting out of the shower. It is a leave-in treatment that hydrates and nourishes the scalp which is the base for beautiful hair. I found that it allowed me to go an extra day between washes because it was super hydrating and balanced the sebum levels of my scalp and helped it to not overproduce oils. It is easy to massage into the scalp and is supposed to strengthen its barrier layer and protect it from pollution and free radicals in the air.

After using the Pramasana products I allow my hair to air dry which gives me some great natural texture and waves. Here are my top tips for air drying:

  • Let it fully air dry. Don’t use a towel, squeeze the extra water from your hair with your hands or with a t-shirt for shinier, less frizzy hair.
  • Apply a moisturizing product. I like hair oils because they work well for my hair type to provide super light weight moisture that doesn’t weigh down my hair. I apply it just to the bottom half of damp hair completely avoiding my scalp.
  • Don’t touch it while it’s drying. Comb your hair in the shower and once you get out set it up how you’d like it to dry and then stop touching it until its completely dry. This isn’t easy but its key for letting the natural texture come out and so worth it in the end.
  • Let it dry completely. This one is always hard for me because I get impatient but allowing it to fully dry seals in moisture before styling or applying any heat which reduces frizz and flyaways.

I added a few extra curls with my curling iron for a beachy wave look I finished off the look with my favorite Oribe Apres Beach Spray for texture and volume. I then pulled half of my hair up into a top knot and secured it with some bobby pins. I like for it to look a little messy and effortless, I think it gives me a little more volume and a personality PLUS it kind of hides my crazy baby hairs I have from postpartum hair loss.


***I received these products free from Aveda for testing purposes but all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience but I do receive compensation for any purchase made using my link.***

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