Honest Company + Rebecca Minkoff

The title pretty much sums it up: The Honest Company has teamed up with Rebecca Minkoff to create some amazing mommy and baby products. Be still my beating heart!

Rebecca Minkoff is a designer who is well known for her GORGEOUS purses. They are romantic and versatile, designed to go from day to night. They are widely sought after in the fashion world and are among the most popular bags out there right now. I am in love with her clutches and cross body bags right now. I snagged one during Nordstrom’s Annual sale and I can’t wait to show it off. I’m sure you’ve seen them around if you don’t own one yourself.

The line features the Spirit Diaper Tote and the Hope Clutch in bright, vibrant patterns featuring traditional hand-woven fabric. The fabric was woven in the Mayan tradition, on foot loom, by a cooperative of a dozen women artisans, who depend on this handiwork for their livelihood. In honor of this collaboration, Rebecca Minkoff and The Honest Company have provided sustainable support to these female entrepreneurs in Guatemala, fueling their textile businesses. 

Spirit Tote in Red

The Spirit Diaper Tote Collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff is absolutely beautiful and such a fun diaper bag that doesn’t look like one at all! It’s super roomy (more room for cheddar bunny crumbs) and can hold all of your day to day essentials. I am that mom who has all but given up on carrying a purse-yes, I own tons of them but they haven’t seen day light in almost a year and a half quite some time. I put everything into my diaper bag and take it whether or not I have the baby with me. The Spirit Tote is on my wish list because I love that it just looks like a super fashionable tote bag and not a tell-tale diaper bag. It’s stylish and bright and will go with so many outfits.

Hope Clutch in Black

The Hope Clutch Collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff is such a modern way to carry small essentials with you. Its a medium sized clutch that holds quite a bit for its size. Moms, that means you can stuff some diapers, wipes, snacks, wallet, and lipstick (plus a million things I didn’t mention) in it and still look put together. I love the look of clutches, they just make an outfit look really polished and put together. They aren’t bulky or have a weird strap you have to wear but still allow you to take your essentials with you. The colors and patterns are so fun and are a perfect transition into fall colors!

Go check out both of them! They are a made by two amazing companies who have put a lot of thought and energy into creating these beautiful, one-of-a-kind totes. The fabric used to make these bags is sustainable support for female entrepreneurs in Guatemala, helping to fuel their textile business. Purchases strengthen local efforts to alleviate poverty through lasting financial solutions that help build assets, create jobs, and raise the standard of living for women and their families. Not only are they beautiful, artistic bags but when you buy one you will make an impact.

Happy shopping!

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