Life Update

Has it really been this long since I posted anything? There have been so many life changes in the last few months that I’ve just had no time to sit down and write anything. I started this posted A MONTH ago but it never got finished and posted. It feels a little surreal sitting in a new kitchen sitting in the same chair, writing the same post, drinking the same coffee but looking out at a different view.

The big exciting news is that we moved! There was a lot of shuffling, packing, crying, caffeinating, and goodbyes that went on but we made it to sunny (predicted at 84 today) Portland, OR! The move came out of nowhere it felt like and I barely had time to really get things in order before the trucks arrived. Leaving Napa was hard, I really do love it there and I felt like we had really started to build a life there. California will always be home to me no matter where we go.

I flew up two days after the trucks because I just could not do 10.5 hours (nonstop time) in a car with a toddler who HATES his carseat. Flying also poses a risk of a screaming baby but luckily we didn’t have any of that. It was an entirely painless flight partly because I just let go and didn’t let anything stress me out and partly because my little man was on his best behavior which made me a proud mama bear. We arrived at the airport in rain and some icy wind which was pretty much the worst send off California could’ve given me, she was definitely giving me the cold shoulder for leaving.

At the gate it turned out they had a double reservation for me even though I only bought one but basically they refunded one of my flights in credit for a later flight. Still not sure how that happened or why but I’m thankful it got sorted out and worked in my favor. We sat next to a 5 year old girl whose twin sisters and mom were sitting in front of us so we had a flight full of laughs and apple slices. We landed to sunshine and shockingly warm weather.

As we were leaving the airport I could not stop laughing in awe of the rivers and foot bridges that run through the heart of such a big city. The fog rising off of the water was such a spectacle to see. There are so many more trees and open spaces than I’m used to seeing among the skyscrapers and business parks, I’m still amazed by the sheer number and volume of hiking and walking parks spread all over.

The area we are living in feels a lot like Northern California except that the people are really nice and no one seems to ever be in a rush. Our street is a quiet dead end and has a ton of kids living on it who play in the street and build tree forts in the open space that our house backs up to. It hasn’t quite set in that we are really here, I still feel like I’m in a vacation rental with all of my worldly belongings magically here and any minute it’ll be time to pack up and fly home. I know that I will feel isolated and lonely at some point but I’m hoping I can meet some cool people before then.

We haven’t really had a chance to explore Portland yet because the job promotion and of course getting the house unpacked. We’ve found some cute little hiking trails and parks within walking distance but haven’t gone much further. OF COURSE, I found the two malls near us that offer up some prime shopping with all of my favorite stores- hello Anthropologie, Lululemon, Lorna Jane, and Nordstrom. Only one of us is excited about that in this house….(*hint: its me)



I have a lot of fun posts that have been scheduled since January that I’m hoping to get up in the coming weeks. I’m pretty excited to be here and to see what this place has to offer. If you have any recommendations for things to do or places to eat in Portland please let me know!


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