Long Live Long Hair

When I got the chance to work with Irresistible Me I was so excited. My hair has never been super thick but I’ve always kept it long. Its a whole lot thinner, more fragile, and more prone to breakage post-baby even though its been almost two years since he was born. It makes cute hairstyles almost impossible and I love doing different things with my hair.  I will take all of the extra volume and weight I can get and extensions are the perfect way to do that.


before and after hair

I chose the Silky Touch extensions in natural black that don’t add too much length but do add a great deal of volume. You can see the difference it made in the before and after photos!



They are so easy to put in, it takes me maybe 60 seconds to quickly clip them in, and I can style them in a bunch of different ways. I like that they mimic my natural hair texture and look really natural no matter how I style them, that was my biggest concern.


They are definitely becoming a style staple and get a lot of regular use. During our move I wore them flying back a forth while meeting with realtors and even after hours on the plane they still looked great, although the rest of me looked like a hot mess. They are great because I can move them around depending on how I am styling my hair and where I need additional thickness and volume. So far I really love wearing my hair down, half-up, and braided because it just adds some extra volume to my braid and gives them a more uniform look.


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