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I am so excited to be talking about this product. I’m a big serum/face oil fan so I could not wait to get my hands on this. The benefit of using a serum or face oil is that they help to balance your skins natural oil production by providing the right amount to all areas of the face. I have combination skin, my T zone produces more oil than the rest of my face so some areas get really dry while others break out. Since I started using serums and face oils I have had major changes in the softness of my skin, the brightness of my skin, and the amount of breakouts and flaking. It can be used in place of moisturizer but I apply mine after my toner and right before applying my moisturizer to really lock in all of those beneficial oils.

Right off the bat, it is USDA Certified Organic which is a major win in my book. Nadia really took the time to make this product extra rich. Unlike other face oils and serums the elixir doesn’t have a carrier oil so all of those potent oil blends and yummy skin nutrients are in their purest form. This makes a huge difference in how much your skin is absorbing and being nourished by the oil blend. You can read the full ingredient list on Ouish Boutique.

After cleansing and using a toner I apply the elixir before applying my night time moisturizer. The elixir comes in these cute little bottles with a dropper so you can easily control how much you use. It’s a huge bottle that will last 6-12 months is you use it sparingly. 2-4 drops is recommended and I rub that between my fingers to warm it up before massaging it into my face. I let it soak into my skin for a few minutes before applying my moisturizer. Normally I use it just at night unless my skin is feeling really dry just because I do wear a BB cream during the day and I try not to overload my skin or else it gets a tiny bit oily by that end of the day.

You can tell just by looking at the bottle just how concentrated and potent this elixir is. The results are no joke either, my skin is brighter, softer, and clearer than its ever been. Just in the last week several people have asked me all the time what products I use on my skin because it looks radiant and bright. Overall, this has been a major game changer for me because serums have been one of the things that I switch up on a monthly basis. It’s great that I have found a product I like that will last me a very long time. Amazing.


Head over to Ouish Boutique now and let me know in the comments which of their products you would most like to try. (Yes, there will be a giveaway coming up soon but I need to know what you ladies are interested in before I choose a prize)

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  1. LaNessa November 1, 2015 at 10:42 pm - Reply

    I would love to try this face elixir or the body scrub. All of the items look awesome!!!

    • Jade Marina November 2, 2015 at 12:49 am - Reply

      Thanks for your input! It’s so hard to just pick a few of them so I’m glad to get some help😘

  2. Amy Lam December 8, 2015 at 11:14 am - Reply

    I’ve never tried a facial oil, sounds like I need to start!

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