Life has been craaaazy lately but I had a visit from some of my favorite girls ever which finally gave me a much needed chance to do some exploring. As much as I miss California I’m falling in love with this city and it kills me a little bit to admit it. IMG_0445



Couldn’t resist stuffing my face with donuts, its true that good things come in pink boxes.

IMG_0429The farmer’s markets here are to die for, not only are they packed with amazing produce but there are musicians playing and food being served, so fun! I can’t even describe how adorable and family friendly they are here even in the heart of the city.


I could’ve stayed all day eating samples, standing with the hoards of people waiting for delicious food being cooked over an open flame that smelled incredible, and drooling over beautiful deserts. I barely had a chance to snap any photos of the food because I was busy stuffing my face with a pound of strawberries.



The flowers and plants for sale gave me major decorating inspiration.



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