Rainy Day Outfit



Oversized sweaters, cozy scarves, and rain boots are part of my go-to rainy day outfit. I wish this was cozy rain in which I could curl up with a good book and hot tea but this is wild rain. It’s surreal because just a few days ago it was sunny and warm. They set up sandbag stations around town because there are major flash floods happening.

The last two days of pouring rain we had made for some excellent puddle jumping opportunities with my busy toddler. When you live in a small house, staying indoors when it rains can make you go a little stir crazy. I couldn’t take it so i bundled up in a cozy rainy day outfit and took the baby for a walk. We got about halfway around the block before the baby was struggling to take his boots off and roll in the puddles. Of course, mama ended up soaked and covered in mud but we laughed and laughed about it so it was all worth it.

I am a sucker for anything soft and cozy. This blanket scarf was a total steal at under $20 at good old Tar-jay. I don’t buy a ton of clothes from there but I do stock up on staples like tank tops and occasionally good deals like these. I love the Zara scarves but I’m not prepared to drop $50+ on something I can get at Target for a third of the price that looks just as good. I paired it with a really simple gray sweater and black leggings.

I love my Hunter rain boots, they are going to be perfect for rainy day outfits if this weather we’ve been having continues. They do run about 1/2 size big which I wish I’d known before I bought them. I got a 7 and I should’ve ordered a 6.5 because they are a little big even with thick socks. Hunter’s are such a classic wardrobe piece because you can wear them with anything and they will always be functional.

Gray Sweater // J. Crew similar and budget-friendly here

Blanket Scarf // Target (CURRENTLY ON SALE)

Boots // Hunter Rain Boots


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