Round Two!

We are so excited to announce baby #2 coming September 2016!


I have been dying to spill it but I’m so proud of myself for keeping it in this long. I know it took forever and a day to announce but we were in the middle of a huge move and it was just not the right time before. Also you may have noticed my lack of outfit posts on Instagram for the last few months which is entirely due to the fact that I stopped fitting into regular jeans before we even found out there was a little bun in there. There was no hiding this bump from y’all.

We’ve been talking about it for a while and were planning to start that process after our move although I’ve been having major baby fever ever since my little one turned one. But this little new monkey had other plans and decided to show up to the party a couple months early which was a fun little surprise.


I thought I’d share a few shots of the growing bump and I’ll have some more  bump updates later on.


It’s blowing my mind that we are already past the halfway point. I’ll admit I didn’t love being pregnant the first time around but I am LOVING it this time. I didn’t have morning sickness with either of my pregnancies but for some reason this time I feel so much better. Mostly because I’m not stressed out or feeling guilty- I’m not letting mom groups make me feel bad for that cup of coffee I had this morning or the fries I inhaled last week when we made an emergency stop at Five Guys (umm hello, has this state never heard of In N Out Burger?). No dice, judgey moms! I just feel really good, I feel like we are really excited this time and not scared or anxious so it’s easier to enjoy the little things.


So far I’ve been doing barre at home almost daily because there isn’t a single gym near us that provides childcare and it’s easier for me to do it during nap times than to stress about getting us out the door. I haven’t felt like I needed to modify anything yet but when the time comes I know I can do that to safely and comfortably while continuing to working out until D-day.

I’ve been eating much healthier this time, no real cravings other than the occasional sweet or salty snack and being ravenously hungry after 3pm. The second trimester brought an insatiable hunger which I’m desperately trying to satisfy to no avail, I’m a bottomless pit. As long as I keep the house stocked with plenty of fruit, protein rich snacks, and complex carbs I’m good. So far I’ve gained 12lbs which is within the parameters of what my doctor has recommended so I’m not stressing about it.

I stopped being able to button my jeans weeks ago but the maternity jeans I have were still too loose. The weather here has been incredible so I’ve been skating by in flowy tops and dresses lately, not meant to be maternity clothes, but I’m really starting to need some warm weather maternity clothes. With my first pregnancy I was pregnant through the winter so I only had leggings and long sleeves left over which it’s already too hot for. If you have any suggestions of where to shop, let me know!




Dress// Similar maternity dress here

Sandals// Schutz Erlina Gladiator Sandals


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