Spring Break Blues


It’s spring break and I spent the week wistfully watching snapchat stories of my girls on sandy beaches drinking margaritas. So jealous. Meanwhile, I am writing this wearing the same sweats I’ve been wearing for three days with two sick boys in my lap. They both got croup last week which I know is common but it was still scary. My toddler woke up with that telltale barking-seal-cough and a fever so I knew right away what it was and put him straight into a warm shower to breathe in the steam. The baby had a much worse cough and was wheezing and retracting when he was breathing so I called my pediatricians office right away and left a message with their answering service who texted our pediatrician right away. He called me back at about 7am and said we should come in when the clinic opened because he wanted to make sure the baby was getting enough oxygen and wasn’t struggling to breathe. Luckily, his oxygen was at 100 but he was prescribed an inhaler to help with the wheezing and cough.

My poor toddler spent two days with a fever, barely eating, and napping on the couch. Normally, my toddler doesn’t nap EVER and eats about as much as a teenage boy so for him to be skipping meals and sleeping on the couch was huge. I knew he was really sick when he wouldn’t even drink a smoothie which he asks for on a daily basis. I hit up the nearest redbox and got Moana which was a huge hit and I’ve now seen 3 times and own the soundtrack for.

I was up every 4 hours at night giving the baby his inhaler who, after every single feeding, would cough so hard he would throw up his entire stomach contents all over me. He lost 2 pounds which doesn’t sound like a lot but for how small he is it really made a difference. Bye-bye baby rolls! He was miserable which was heartbreaking to watch and I felt so helpless at times. We ended up back at the pediatricians office after about 5 days because he was losing weight and was still having trouble breathing. I was freaking out a little a lot but the pediatrician assured me that he’d gain it back and that days 3, 4, and 5 of croup were always the worst.

This was the most sick I have ever seen my kids and it was awful. I felt like a bad mom for letting them get sick (damn you, indoor playgrounds) and for not being able to make it go away faster. BUT I did get some amazing cuddles in from my boys who normally don’t sit still long enough to cuddle. I’ll take their cuddles whenever I can!


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