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I am a Whole Foods Market junkie, I can’t go a week without stocking up on all of my favorite and necessary items. I primarily do all of my shopping there which can get to be a little pricey if I go overboard. I try to stick to a list and just buy the necessities because, as tempting as the other things may be, it all adds up pretty quick.

I make my weekly meal prep lunch menu based on what I find on pinterest that week (not actually a joke) and what our favorites from previous weeks are. This helps me save so much time and money because I’m not buying lunch while I’m out and B isn’t buying lunches at work. It’s also the only way I can guarantee that he’s actually eating lunch and not working right through it.

Note: Fridays are the best day to shop because the Friday One Day Sale is generally something I will be buying anyways and can save a few dollars on.

Produce: My number one stop is the produce section where I pick up a variety of organic colorful fruits and veggies. I try to stick to the local things that are in season for the best quality and taste. These items are usually picked closer to being ripe and spend less time in transit and on the shelf.

Meat + Fish: The quality of the meat is pretty good but I still stick to the organic and local stuff. We usually buy a whole organic fryer chicken (cut into 8 pieces because I suck at it) and either organic ground turkey or fresh wild salmon for dinners during the week. This can vary based on what is on sale, what is the most fresh, and the menu for the week. For instance, this week I bought 2 extra boneless skinless organic chicken breasts and some andouille sausages for meal prep in addition to the whole fryer chicken.

Dairy, Etc.: We normally go through a half-whole gallon of milk a week, depending on how many smoothies have been made. I’m trying to get us to use more almond and hemp milk in place of dairy because the man of the house does have some issues with dairy (even though he hates to admit it and would rather muscle through it than drink almond milk). We do go through a substantial amount of plain greek yogurt because all three of us love it and we use it in place of things like mayo, sour cream, etc. It’s rich and creamy with a ton of hidden protein without being high in sugar or fat! When the baby had a dangerously high fever the only way I could get him to take medicine was by mixing it with plain greek yogurt. I also buy organic low fat string cheese because its a great snack for the little man…ok all of us. Its so easy to grab one and an apple on my way out.

Everything Else: I’ll admit that B is TERRIBLE about buying things that aren’t on the list when it comes to everything else. It’s just too easy to get carried away buying things like Krakentinis and Red Hawk Cheese (my all time favorite snacks, I can put that stuff away like its nobodies business). We do buy hummus as a healthy snack to go with sliced veggies or some kind of healthy chip/cracker, which gets eaten pretty fast around here. Ezekiel bread, frozen fruit for smoothies, quinoa pasta, mini whole wheat pita pockets, and snacks for the baby are all staples too.

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