What’s In My Hospital Bag

I can’t believe baby day is just around the corner! Even though I’m massively pregnant baby fever is real and all of my cousins and friends who are having their babies has made me more excited to meet this little one. Eeeek! Technically I have 3 weeks left but because baby #1 was two weeks early I have been getting things together a little sooner just in case.

This is just a general guide to what I think is super important and a reference for specific items I loved the first time and will be packing again. Even though we opted for a birth center over the hospital what I’ve packed would be the same.

hospital bag

What’s in My Duffle Bag:

  • Duffle bag– I have this one from a few years ago in a different print which it looks like they don’t make anymore.
  • Snacks– Water is a must. Protein packed, complex-carb rich, and some sugary snacks are great to keep everyones energy up before and after birth.
  • Birth plan– My midwife had me fill one out in advance but most hospitals have you bring one with you when you deliver. It’s nice to have.
  • Photo copies of important info./paperwork– I’m sure you’ve preregistered for the hospital or birth center but just in case it’s good to have copies of your insurance card, ID, registration papers, etc. just in case.
  • Cosmetic case
  • Robe– You might remember THIS robe because it’s all over my Instagram. It’s 100% rayon so its incredibly soft and I can’t stop wearing it. They sell the same one as a dressing robe so its not just for preggos.
  • Birthing outfit– Some people prefer their own gown to labor and often birth in because they are more comfortable and are a little cuter.
  • Nursing friendly PJs– I got these ones because they are super soft and the top buttons down the front. These are a great long sleeve option for cold hospitals.
  • Nursing brasThese ones are super stretchy which is ideal for those first few days when your milk is coming in. I also love these from Rosie Pope for when I want a little extra support and to feel more normal.
  • Socks
  • Slippers– You won’t regret having slippers to keep your feet warm. I’ve had these for more years than I want to admit and they’ve held up so well.
  • Flip flops- Can you even go wrong with Havaianas? These are nice to walk around in and to shower in because you just never know whats in the bottom of those things.
  • Going home outfit– Let’s be honest, mesh panties and that post part belly are real so pick something that fit you at about 6 months pregnant. I packed a pair of maternity legging (on sale now), my favorite target tanks, and this drape front sweater wrap from FP which is nursing friendly.


What’s in My Cosmetic Case:

  • Cosmetic case– I love this one because I love everything Mara Hoffman and couldn’t resist this.
  • Makeup bag– I keep a small makeup bag packed with my daily essentials that is easy to grab and go, currently I am using this to hold everything.
  • Makeup remover wipes– After my first baby I wanted to get up and wash my face and freshen up but I just sat there and stared at him for hours instead. These you can use one handed which is perfect for freshening up without taking a full shower.
  • Moisturizer
  • Lotion
  • Shampoo/conditioner– I usually save my samples for traveling but these are a great set too.
  • Dry shampoo– I can’t live without this one, I’ve talked about it before on this post but its got the best formula of the ones I’ve tried and leaves zero residue.
  • Deodorant
  • Blowdryer/straightener/curling iron– I love this travel set because it’s got a high quality blow dryer, straightener, and curling iron and packs up well even in a small weekender.
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Lip balm
  • Colace– It sounds gross but this is a must for new moms. Remember to take it religiously and drink plenty of water with it.


What’s in My Diaper Bag:

  • Diaper bag– I love this one from Rebecca Minkoff because it doesn’t look like a typical diaper bag, its got leather accents and gold hardware but is still washable. Plus it’s huge and has tons of inside pockets for organizing and comes with a removable changing pad.
  • Diapers, wipes, rash cream– We love The Honest Company diapers and baby products (here’s an amazing link for $20 off Diaper Bundle + Free Shipping) because our son had a terrible reaction to every other diaper we tried. The wipes are the most durable, are unscented, and don’t leave a residue.
  • Swaddle blankets– I packed my own because these are made of 100% bamboo rayon which are way softer than the ones they provide. Just be sure not to misplace them or you’ll never see them again.
  • Onesies– I packed multiples of each of these plain white onesies (on sale) in both newborn and 0-3 size because I don’t know how big this baby will be.
  • Noodle & Boo wipes– These wipes are incredible for cleaning up spit up because they smell amazing!
  • Going home outfit for baby– I packed two different sizes of baby jammies.
  • Warm blanket– A warm blanket is great for the car ride home or in case its chilly. My MIL hand knit us the most beautiful baby blanket for our first baby that I have been dying to use again. I also really love this one and this one.
  • Solly baby wrap– I absolutely cannot live without my Solly Baby wrap, I kick myself every day for not buying one sooner with my son. I have the natural and grey stripe and plan to add one more to the collection if I can make up my mind about a second color.
  • Wallet– I’ve posted about this one on Instagram as well and it’s seriously amazing. It holds everything and is also a wristlet.


Other Things I’m Bringing:

  • Car seat– We went with this one because of the safety specs. It also incredibly light, has a huge sunshade, and everything on it is MACHINE WASHABLE. Plus it fits easily on our favorite double stroller with just a simple adapter. Major win!
  • Phone charger(s)– Invest in these extra long charger cables, you will most likely be using your phone a lot and sitting on the floor by a plug sucks.
  • Camera/charger– I packed my trusty camera (budget friendly here) and compact simple tripod just in case we remember to take photos.
  • Pillow– I had terrible back labor with baby #1 and I really needed that extra pressure on my back during what felt like the longest car ride of my life. I know a lot of ladies who loved having their own comfy pillow at the hospital, just don’t let it out of your sight.

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